High Speed Steel cutting tools


Our range is from 3 mm to 250mm in dia. Extra Long Drills / Reamers can be given upto a length of 600mm.  Form Tools with Form relieving or profile grinding is our speciailty.  We offer our design & trial samples for modification of HSS design to CT or SC to improve cycle time & productivity.

We offer the entire range of HSS cutting tools, drills (Subland, extra long), Holemills, Reamers. SF cutters (interlocking), T-Slot cutters, Form cutters, Port cutters, Form relieved cutters, Profile ground tools in all materials like M2, M35, M42 & ASP30 (66-68 HRC) to tackle Nickel based materials in Aero applications.


Application : We cater to : Aero Engine – All types of Taps to machine Nickel based materials / Engine manufacturers (Cyl. Head, Block) as OE for Machine Tool Builders, Energy equipment manufacturers (Turbines & Generators), Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers, Textile Machinery Manufacturers, High Precision Auto Component Manufacturers, Valve Manufacturers.


Customers :  HAL, BHEL, BEML, Engine Factory (Tanks), Tata Motors, Tata Cummins, Force Motors, LMW, L&T Komatsu / Valves, etc

  • Solid Carbide Cutting Tool
  • Solid Carbide Reamer Drills
  • Ball Nose Endmills For Turbine Blades
  • Solid Carbide End Hole Mills
  • Value Guide HFS Reamers
  • Solide Carbide KeyWay Cutters
  • Solide Carbide Lugged Tools
  • Solid Carbide Profile Cutters
  • Solid Carbide Tools with Morse Taper
  • Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools
  • Carbide Tipped Reamers Drill
  • Carbide Port Cutters
  • Diff Case double end spherical cutters
  • Burnishing Reamers
  • Form Sinkers
  • Textile Bolsters Reamers
  • Inlet Exhaust Form Cutters
  • Machine Taps
  • Thread Milling Cutters
  • Thread Rolls
  • Carbide Tipped End Holemills

  • ASP 30 Cutting Tools
  • Subland Drills
  • HSS Trepanning Tools
  • Turbine Firetree Cutters
  • HSS Extra Long Drills
  • Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
  • Solid Carbide Reamers Drills
  • Ball Nose Endmill For Turbine Blades
  • Solid Carbide End Holemills
  • Valve Guide HFS Reamers